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5 Things Rising Seniors Must Do NOW to Prepare for Application Season

As the school years starts to come to an end and summer days are on the not too distant horizon it is the time when rising seniors (and their parents) begin to feel anxious about the upcoming college application season. The Common Application opens on August 1st but there are five things you must do right now, so you are well prepared when application season starts.

5 Things Rising Seniors Must Do to Prepare for Application Season

  1. Create or update your professional resume. If you have not created a resume before NOW is the time. You will use your resume in college interviews, to prepare your application, scholarships, etc.

  2. Meet with your guidance counselor BEFORE the end of the school year. Your guidance counselor will be required to prepare a recommendation for your college application, so you want to be sure that he/she has a copy of your most current resume. In addition, most schools require that you sign a release to send your transcript to colleges so be certain that you and/or you parent have signed all releases required by your school.

  3. Plan college visits over the summer. Campus visits are a critical part of your college journey. It will help you decide if that college is right for you and it let’s the college know you are interested (demonstrated interest) in them. If you have a family vacation coming up this summer include a couple of college visits along the way.

  4. Schedule your college interviews. Some colleges require or recommend interviews for candidates. However, interview schedules tend to fill quickly so it is important that you consider scheduling interviews as early as possible.

  5. Create an SAT/ACT STUDY schedule. If you are like many rising seniors and you have not yet taken the SAT/ACT or if you are still trying to raise your score this summer is an excellent time to prepare. Create a study schedule that allows time for you to take timed full-length practice tests, so you can track your progress.

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