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5 Ways College Visits Give Students an Edge

1: The college visit let’s your student answer the BIG Question - Does this College Feel Right?

So many students simply apply where mom and dad suggest or where friends attend. But they will likely miss out on finding their perfect college match. But finding a great match requires college visits with a purpose. While on campus a student should ask – Do I feel at home here? Do I connect with the students and faculty? Am I excited to imagine the next 4 years of your life at this college?

2: College visits help you get know yourself and what college is right for you.

· Can you imagine yourself succeeding academically and socially on this campus?

· What is the student-to-faculty ratio?

· What is the average class size?

· What kinds of activities and social events are there?

· How is the food? What are the meal plan options?

· How much walking will I do each day?

· How are the freshman dorm rooms? Is there enough housing for 4 years?

· How is the weather?

3: You Demonstrate Interest in your potential colleges.

Colleges have gotten very savvy about assessing a student’s interest in their college, it’s called Demonstrated Interest, and it matters. The first thing College Admissions checks when reviewing your college application is – has this student visited/toured/interviewed? A Hint – even clicking through on emails from colleges is tracked. These college visits also provide a great opportunity to speak to students, faculty, financial aid and admission officers to get answers to your questions.

4: You become more than a set of numbers to your colleges.

Visits provide great connections. Request a business card from each contact during your visit. Follow up! Send any questions AND updates detailing new academic or extracurricular successes you have achieved. Keep the dialogue going all year, so you are more than a set of numbers during the college admissions process.

5: You see what the college offers outside of the classroom.

What internships are kids getting? What community outreach is happening on campus? What bands are coming? What fraternity and sorority activities are happening? Check out the college’s bulletin boards, student newspapers and activity calendars to get a sense of what campus life is really like.

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