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Ace Your College Interviews

College interviews can be an important part of the application process. Your goal is to put your best foot forward, but your nerves and lack of preparation may stand in the way. Here are some tried and true tips and tricks to ace your college interviews.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect. Practice your interview with friends and family. It may feel awkward at first and you may stumble through the question but the more you practice and become familiar with answering questions about yourself and perfecting the “humble brag” the better impression you will leave with your interviewer.

  2. Be Yourself. As much as you want to put your best foot forward you still need to be authentically you. Before your interview think about your qualities that you want to highlight during the interview. Preparation is important but not to the point where you sound rehearsed and stiff. Let your personality shine through.

  3. Conversation is the Goal. Most people will tell you that the best interviews almost always turn into a conversation. A conversation goes beyond the planned questions and your rehearsed answers and lets both the interviewer and interviewee get to know each other a bit better.

  4. Research and Be Prepared. This is one of the best ways to turn the interview into more of a conversation or give and take between you and interviewer. Research the school, it’s major/minor fields of study that interest you, clubs and activities, community service, the school motto, etc. You don’t want to rattle off facts and figures about the school to the interviewer who knows the facts better than you, but you want to convey what you plan to study, which clubs you plan to join or start or how you are going to contribute to the community.

  5. Ask Questions. Another great way to turn an interview into a good conversation is to come prepared with some questions. Good questions are also a great way to convey what you are curious about, what you care about and what priorities are important in your college search.

  6. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. You should thank your interviewer for his/her time at the close of your interview. BUT it is important to follow up within 24 hours with a more formal thank you note or email. This is a great time to extend the conversation by commenting on something you and the interviewer shared or something you wanted to clarify if it was part of the original conversation. #EssentialCollegeCoaches #collegeinterview #collegeplanning #collegeadmissions

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