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College Decision: Where to Spend the Next Four Years

We like to say that the best thing Essential College Coaches can give your student is great college choices. But selecting the right school from several great options can be difficult and stressful. May 1st (decision day) is fast approaching so we asked seniors to share with us why they chose their respective college and here are some of their responses.

Every student has a slightly different list of priorities when selecting the right college and we have a few tips for students to consider.  First, talk to your parents about financial considerations as it relates to the cost of college and any merit/scholarships you have received. Colleges continue to raise their tuition every year so it is important to anticipate what the cost will be over four years and any family financial concerns that may impact your ability to pay. Second, consider your high school experience and what type of learning environment works for you. For instance, if you were more successful in classes that were seminar style you should consider why that worked for you. If you have not selected a major, you should consider what subjects you really enjoyed and what areas of study you want to explore in college. It is important that the college you select can support your academic goals. Lastly, be sure to spend some time at the colleges that make your short list. Go to admitted student day, do an overnight if available, talk to current students, professors and alum to get a feel for the school and the student body. 

This is a very important decision and we wish all our seniors the very best on their college journey.

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