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Success Starts with College Application Boot Camp

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of conducting College Application Boot Camp in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.  Over the course of three days and 12+ hours our Boot Campers worked hard to create the most compelling college application packages. 

Each student received one-on-one coaching to capture their education, work experience, interests, activities and awards to create an attention grabbing resume that they will use throughout the college application and interview process.  Preparing an up to date resume is really the first step in preparing a complete and well organized college application. The students learned that a resume should be a “living” document that they continue to update with new skills, awards and accomplishments.

We worked closely with each student to complete the Common Application, which is accepted by almost 700 colleges across the country.  The Common Application requires that each student complete multiple pages of biographical information about themselves and their family as well as detailed information about their education, activities and future plans.  However, the most difficult part of the Common Application for most students is the essay or personal statement.  The essay may be the only “voice” students have to promote themselves to the admissions committee, so it needs to be as perfect as possible.  Students realize the importance of the essay but often have trouble getting started. 

To jump start their creativity we conducted group and individual brainstorming exercises and challenged our Boot Campers to prepare for Essay Writing Day by completing a personal inventory we provided, reading a number of excellent student essays and reviewing our essay writing tips.  The personal statement requires each student to dig deep and convey their strengths in a well written essay unlike the academic writing they are accustomed to. Our Boot Campers will have the opportunity to further hone and refine their essays in a private coaching session in mid-September.

Our Boot Campers hit the ground running and will be prepared to meet their college application deadlines. Please contact us if your senior could use some help preparing a college application, be it completing a professional resume, understanding how to present their “best self” during the application and interview process, or completing the essays.  The Essential College Coaches are always an email or phone call away to help you put together the most compelling college application package.  We can bundle our services to meet almost every budget and need.  So do not hesitate to contact us if your student continues to need assistance or 412-852-1285.

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