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The Value of a Great College E$$AY

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

There can be tremendous value in a great college essay. This personal statement or essay allows a college admissions officer to imagine a three dimensional student, one with unique abilities and perspectives. It is the place a middling student can pop and admissions officers can see the contributions a special student will make to their esteemed university. College essays not only make your student come alive for admissions, but are also heavily considered for both merit aid and scholarships. Great college essays can contribute to 4 years of solid merit aid for your student.

These essays are being read! Many schools have a strong commitment to a holistic review of each application and sometimes have two or three readers for each student. If a college requests supplemental essays, you can rest assured that ALL of your writing is being evaluated by admissions officers. A really good essay is a strong addition to your admissions package, and may not only be the difference between getting in or rejected, but also obtaining merit aid.  TIP-  you can find out how each college on your list reviews applications by attending an in-person information session or calling admissions directly.

Despite the admissions and financial upside to crafting a unique essay, many students dread this writing process. I have seen countless sarcastic musings….Can a 17 year old really be introspective? Is the essay just one more way to game the system? As a college consultant working on a daily basis with students writing their personal statements, I respond with an emphatic No. High school students have spent 12 years writing about everything except for them, so they will need some help getting started. We can help.

Essential College Coaches has the tools and strategies to craft an excellent college essay from the initial brainstorming period to the final grammar edits. We have had proven success working with students to draw unique personal experiences and narratives from kids that initially had no idea what to write about. After seizing upon the most worthy topic to write about, Essential College Coaches guides students though the content, organizational structure, and spelling and grammar to ensure that each student maximizes his or her potential. The goal of the college essay is to persuade admissions officers that you are a candidate that will add significant value to the school – value worthy of gaining admittance and merit aid. Essential College Coaches is very familiar with the kind of narrative and structure that will persuade college admissions officers in your student’s favor.

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