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Top 5 Suggestions for Covid Weary Parents

1. Communicate: As parents, we need to keep honest lines of communication open with our kids about the struggles they have faced during COVID. Your student’s whole life has been disrupted. Talk to them about their school day, classes, and friends. Teenagers who are stumbling through puberty and into early adulthood are particularly sensitive to shifts in their routine with family, friends, classmates, teachers, and coaches.

2. Reassure: Some students have developed outsized concerns about their safety. As we begin to return to in-person instruction, reassure them that their teachers will be vaccinated, and the public health officials have concluded that young people are safe to return to school, friends and activities.

3. Remediate: Students have struggled with remote education, less class time, and lack of access to their teachers, all of which have proven to have a negative impact on their education and development. Parents should consider bolstering their student’s education with tutors, summer learning opportunities, and coordinating study groups. Summer is an excellent time to encourage remediation for the subjects your student struggled with during the school year and to preview upcoming course material or just to spend some additional time reading.

4. Transition: Make sure that the move back to in-person instruction in a smooth transition. Give your student the time management and planning tools to maximize a busier, more productive day. Calendars and communication are critical but be cognizant of the fine line between supporting and doing. The goal is to support your child as they become an increasingly self-sufficient and confident person.

5. Focus on the Future: Keep kids focused on their bright futures. Assure them that getting back into a regular classroom (even if they are resistant to this) and participating in normal learning environments with same-age peers will be the best start to making their futures possible and to ultimately finding the Right College Fit.

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